5G Mystery Revealed in 2019.

The world of technology is changing with over time.Every moment people are looking for new ways to communicate.We can see where was we and now where we are.We take a look how far we have come in connecting people.

What is 5G ?

The meaning of 5G is ” Fifth generation of wireless technology”.It is the next stage of 4G and a lot of faster than 4G.We can expect 10 to 20 GBPS that is upto 10% to 20% faster then 4G.

How Fast 5G ?

In the following i am trying to show how much 5G network will faster then other networks.

Network Type Downloading Speed
2G 12 to 18 MBPS
3G 40 to 46.50 MBPS
4G/LTE Cat.4 150 MBPS
4G/LTE Advance 1000 MBPS
upto 10000 MBPS


This exposes range of the difficulties with mmWave solutions as a result of the massive number of cells required for short-range transmissions will solely be provided economically in dense urban areas. The proof is stilt up – as noted recently within the kingdom with reference to 2G including 4G – that wherever mobile provision is way higher in some elements of a rustic than in others this generates an enormous wave of complaints from people who feel overlooked, and, if there’s one issue operators don’t want, it’s a brand new wave of complaints that result in fines for poor service. In any event, abundant of what’s expected of mmWave will be delivered by Wi-Fi, particularly wherever indoor provision is bothered, and concrete authorities ar growing less-tolerant of the erection of recent instrumentality on outside sites.

Which Countries launching 5G first?

Competition is fierce on the 5G world stage International 5G activity is growing at an excitation, as vendors and repair suppliers in technology-focused countries work on early 5G network trials and take a look at 5G with friendly users.

1-)United States
2-)United Kingdom
5-)Japan & South Korea

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