Passion of PUBG Game and its Disadvantages.

Day by day changing in technology has opened the doors for games. Where we are seeing many of the advantages and fun on one side, so many losses have also emerged or produced. Internet and modern computer technology has made video games very easy, accessible and cheap for the kids and
youngsters. In millions of games, pocket gaming (games that can be easily played on smartphones or mobiles i.e. that can be easily accessible) is affecting almost all types of games.

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The most alarming factor is that not only kids, youngsters of the country are also spending their most of time in playing this game (PUBG). They have spent their most time of day and night in this game. It has become
their passion but they are not noticing that this game playing has very drastic and bad effects on their health. It is dangerous for the games played. The Game marker of the Falkland Firm, Super Seoul and South Korea, has been told that in the light of the animation of this game (PUBG), there are many such harmful Radiations emitted which can cause the disease of EPILEPSY in the players of this game which play this game regularly and too much.

The Game makers have also told that in those peoples which play this game and this type of games too much Tremor in their hands also produced. They also warn that it can cause the disorders of bones and muscles in the body due to showing the speed in a game. Besides this, due to the continuous movement of fingers on the screen of the mobile, there is a lot of damage to the intense finger. It also has bad effects on our Eyes when we move our eyes quickly on the screen of mobile.

The Magnetic waves are emitting from the mobile screen due to which eyes become red and dry. Even the players of this become the Psychiatrists Patient due to lack of self-esteem. Actually, in this game the form of killing others, by killing others, they are enjoyed by destroying their property. Players receive a fake chicken dinner prize till the final game end. Kids and especially youngsters and students learn this type of video games by learning new methods and ways of crime by playing with them, these games create skillful skills such as violence, kill and fighting in which the play video games, its empty game before. Certainly, it is such a game through which crime and killing are promoted. The gamers are well
aware of all the guns and all weapons by name. In this way, the use of drugs, fighting, beating and killing by hiding and use of vulgar words is common.

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For a common person, the imaginations and words which were thought and considered as these words are very unethical, now those words become the part of our lives and society also accept these words and interact with these words due to their lot of use and our society is interacting with it. Because of the killing and war scenes in this game, what kind of effects it will have on the common peoples especially on kids and youngsters? It’s none of the business of mobile and games companies. But this question is very
important that by the spreading of such type of violence and unethical video games, What will be the moral future of our nation?

There is a need for this act that we should play our role in protecting our kids from the social negative harms that our future will be safely grown. Otherwise, for such type of race which is growing in mobile games and internet, moral values like respect, ethics, piety, patience, and honesty will become wonderful. And the new races will be amazed by using such type of moral values and moral words. So, we should take necessary action about it.

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