Latest Technology Wireless Charging Pad for Phones

Technology has increased and improved day after day. Every day there are a lot of new discoveries and technologies are appearing in the world. Nowadays life without technology is nothing. It means that we are completely dependent on new technologies. In such of these technologies, the technology of wireless charging pad for phones has also very high importance.

The era of charging the phones through a charger now become an old way. Now scientists have made the wireless charging pads for the charging of phones. In this method of charging the phones, the phones are charged by only placing the mobile on the charging pad of the wireless charging device. And the phone will be charged without connecting a wired charger to the phone for charging.

What is meant by Wireless charging?

Wireless charging is a type of charging the phone through a wireless pad through which the phone is easily charged and no wire is plugged in the phone for charging. In this way, the mobile or phone is easily and fastly charged. Wireless charging is an easier and modern way to charge the phone. This technology is used in most of the countries of the world. In this charging a power transmitting pad and a receiver are used, sometimes in the form of a case attached to a mobile device or even built into the phone itself.

How a wireless charger does actually works?

Wireless charging is actually based on inductive charging, whereby power is generated by passing an electrical current through two coils to create an electromagnetic field. When the receiving magnetic plate on the mobile device comes into contact with the transmitter or at least within the specified range the magnetic field generates an electrical current in the device. This current is then converted into direct current (DC), which in turn charges the built-in battery. In this way he wireless charging occurs.

Standards for wireless charging

The basic wireless standard is Qi (pronounced “Chee”). Qi is a standard that has been developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) for inductive charging over distances of up to 40mm.Qi wireless charging has been adopted by many of the major smartphone companies: Samsung, Apple, Sony, LG, HTC, Huawei, Nokia (HMD), Motorola and Blackberry.
Qi have three different separate power specifications, start from low power, which is primarily what we are talking about here, for charging mobile devices. At the moment there are several wattages that can
be applied to this. 5W is a minimum, while some handsets support 7.5W and 10W wireless charging. Some newer phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Huawei Mate 20 Pro support up to 15W wireless charging. There is a medium power spec which can deliver up to 120W and is used for monitors and laptops. And there is a high spec that can deliver up to 1kW to power things such as kitchen utensils.

Specifications of wireless charging pads

There are many types of wireless charging pads present in the market in many sizes, shapes, and incapacities. Some properties or specifications of wireless charging pads are given below:

 These are made up non-slipping silicone.
 Beautiful non-slipping mat is also present.
 Zinc alloy bottomed
 Through these wireless charging pads, many devices can be charged which are compatible.
 Like I phone watches and I phones. These can also be charged wirelessly.
 These chargers are charging the mobiles by the induction.
 It is the most modern and easy way of charging the mobiles freely.
 The silicone mat of the charging pad is waterproof.
 So these are the specifications of WCP (Wireless Charging Pad).

Advantages of Wireless charging pads

 A best and safer way to transfer power to our phones.
 It is very simple to just drop the phone on the mat.
 By this, less strain is produced on the charging port of our phone.
 Qi wireless charging pads which are installed in various places around the world, if you do not have juice and don’t have a cable you can still charge your phone.

Disadvantages of Wireless charging pads

 Wireless charging is slower, especially for phones with Quick Charge technology – plugging
into a wall outlet will be much, much quicker for those devices.
 If you have charge your phone charging by a cable, you can still hold it and use it as normal. If you take your phone off a wireless charging pad to use it, it stops charging.
 This is not present in all phones.
So these are the features or specifications of Wireless Charging pads.

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